G4 GUITAR METHOD Online - Week 1 Intro Course

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​Introduction To The G4 GUITAR METHOD 

Let's begin with an introduction to the G4 GUITAR METHOD. Watch the video below and if you have any questions click the 'Help' button above.

The 'Optimal' Sitting Position explained by Rob Bondfield G4 GUITAR teacher Barossa South Australia.

There are different ways to sit with a guitar but here is what is sometimes called the 'classical' position but we prefer to call it the 'optimal' position. Its not required to become a great guitar player but it helps to optimise your playing while also reducing the risk of injury.

Lesson 1 with David Hart (G4 founder and CEO) Part 1

In the following 3 videos David Hart will take you through a typical first lesson.

Lesson 1 with David Hart Part 2

Lesson 1 with David Hart Part 3

The One Thing - To be successful at anything FOCUS!